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equipment that facilitates and speeds up the process with practicality, economy, productivity, quality, and profit for your business
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currently, we offer a range of 2 Open Dough that roll out pizza dough from 18 inches to 21.6 inches, 6 models of Conveyor Ovens available in Gas or 100% electric versions, producing from 70 pizzas per hour up to models that can produce 120 pizzas per hour.
We also have Pizza Ovens that bake pizzas from 14 inches to models with the capacity to bake pizzas up to 31.5 inches


your products standardized with great practicality, productivity, and without depending on specialized labor

Equipment that caters to both beginners and established businesses!
Facilitating and streamlining the process with practicality, economy, and productivity for your business.


Systems and technology that streamline operations

Systems that facilitate the operation and processing of equipment, designed with intelligent technology that allows for high productivity with low consumption, resulting in efficient and cost-effective equipment


Standardization and quality of your products! Digital temperature control, ensuring perfect control and cooking according to your desired standard.


Machines that are compact, practical, and versatile with designs and systems that facilitate operation and handling during use.


Eliminates the need for specialized labor and reduces pizza waste, resulting in up to 75% savings on operational costs.


Manufactured with selected raw materials, stainless steel *304 and 430 for handling food products, hygienic, and safe according to safety standards.


Products developed for high production, automating the process with practicality, standardization, and agility.

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Technology that enables low consumption, even during high productivity, resulting in savings during operation and low traffic at your pizzeria.



The Number 1 in Brazil, a reference in the market, creator of major and innovative successful projects, sales leader in the segment, and the largest manufacturer in the country.

Our experience in the equipment segment has been developed by identifying the different needs and desires of demanding chefs and entrepreneurs. This has resulted in the manufacturing of machines with the purpose of bringing competitiveness, productivity, and profitability to companies.

High-quality, economical, and practical equipment at fair prices for pizzerias, delivery services, restaurants, home buffets and others food services.

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Own manufacturing in all stages of equipment production!

High structural investment, state-of-the-art machinery, and technologies, avoiding outsourcing as much as possible and minimizing production costs, resulting in equipment with the best cost/benefit ratio in the market.

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Our best choice! We've doubled our sales with the help of this oven!

Tanise Cassiano

This oven is magnificent, I have 15 years of experience as a pizza maker, I confess I had never seen anything like it. Now I don't have to worry if the pizza comes out raw or burnt, it has given me great peace of mind. Congratulations Tecnopizza.

Demétrius Cavalcante

The best acquisition we've made here. Pizzas come out perfectly cooked, the hassle with firewood is over, I gained space, and the kitchen staff only has praises. I loved it!

Reinaldo Silva

The best on the market, I've had the oven for 3 years, I wouldn't trade it for any other brand, it's a sensational product. Resilient, productive, economical, easy to use, and maintain. Congratulations Tecnopizza.

Luiz Claudio

A very good oven, no more complaints about burnt or raw pizzas

Antonio Souza

It has been the best investment I've ever made in my life, people praise my pizza a lot, the quality, the timing, I've gained in everything. The oven is excellent, thanks Tecnopizza, I am very satisfied!

Cleberson Nogueira

I bought the open dough and the oven, and, well... I'm speechless, it's truly a highly satisfying product. An excellent quality product, besides being practical. I am amazed by the results. Our pizzeria and our customers are grateful. Thanks once again!

Naty Rodriguez

Sensational! I bought 2 and I'm already going to buy another one, it's awesome.

Gleison Palhares

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